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Lots of surface designers struggle to get traction because they’re not sure what to spend their time on. Instagram? Adding more work to their portfolio? Taking more surface design courses? Uploading designs to Spoonflower? Spending lots of time and money at trade shows?

I’ve done it all. 

And what I discovered was that the key to success is to stop “hoping” and start taking control of your career. This means pitching your work and negotiating for better deals. These courses are hyper-focused on helping artists do exactly that.

I’m not promising to teach you everything about surface design….
but everything I teach you will be actionable and bankable.

Get the art licensing ball rolling: Pitch Your Portfolio shows you step-by-step how to find, connect with, and pitch your work to companies.

Start here if you want to get consistent (or your first) art licensing deals

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Confidently price your art and negotiate contracts: Artful Pricing & Negotiation teaches you my tried-and-tested method for pricing your work (with real-life examples).

Start here if you’re already having conversations with companies

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"Shannon’s courses teach you all the things you need to be able to reach success: get your work organized, get a better understanding of what your style is, be able to talk to customers clearly and confidently about your work, and get feedback from the group for things you’re still not sure about. 

I found Shannon's courses great learning experiences. The modules are easy to understand and they build on what has been covered before, and the live sessions and the Q&A at different intervals have been helpful too. I also appreciate the fact that once you sign up, you can follow along with the new groups and their live sessions as well; I found that's an added extra that I value.

Shannon is very bright and bubbly, and her personality comes through in her teaching. She's always very approachable and friendly, and I think in business, it's important to be a nice person as well. 

I feel far more confident about that whole process of getting my art licensed! If you want to get your art licensing business organized and to be able to do it efficiently and professionally, then I would recommend Shannon’s courses."

If you want to get your art licensing business organized and to be able to do it efficiently and professionally, then I would recommend Shannon’s courses...

- Daniela Glassop

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