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Surface design business courses to help artists get art licensing deals + price their work for profit.


Believe me, if you haven’t earned a lot as a surface designer yet, it’s not because your designs aren’t good.

In a perfect world, our art would speak for itself. But in the world we live in, we need to be able to consistently advocate for our work — without burning out.

That’s why Sketch Design Repeat is all about organized, energy-saving systems for getting your designs in front of art directors + negotiating competitive pay. 

These are the foundations for a surface design business that pays the bills.

Follow my detailed action plans for finding success as a surface pattern designer.




Create business systems that save you energy — so you spend more time on your art.

Avoid burnout & keep motivation with processes that make business easier.

a left-handed, left-brained surface designer & educator

Hiya, I’m Shannon McNab

Over the past decade, I slowly transitioned to my dream job as a full-time surface designer working for myself. Before that, I had a career as a graphic designer in email marketing (which was as boring as it sounds).  When I say “slowly transitioned”, I mean it! It was definitely not an overnight success. 

One thing that did help? Though I’m an artist, the other part of me is a total numbers nerd, so I thrived on testing different approaches, documenting my results, and creating streamlined systems for myself.

Ultimately I arrived at the methods that led me to collaborations with brands like Papyrus, Cloud9 Fabrics, Pyrex, and Trader Joe’s — and seeing my designs on products in stores I shop at!

Now, I teach these methods to other surface designers who would prefer to just borrow my analytical brain instead of figuring it out on their own (like I had to). 

organized, confident, and licensed surface designer

Surface design business courses to help you become an


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