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To truly thrive as illustrators, surface pattern designers, and other creatives in the field, we have to embrace marketing. This involves more than just promoting one’s work; it encompasses a deeper understanding of your target audience, building connections, and creating art with purpose. We can use marketing to tell stories, provoke thought, raise awareness, and […]

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I get a asked a lot of the same questions by my surface design students or artists in my inbox and I’ve answered several here already… Is it ok to have my portfolio designs on print-on-demand sites like Spoonflower? Photoshop or Illustrator, does it matter which one should I use? What should I do when […]

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My last in-house job, prior to pursuing a career in surface pattern design and illustration, was as an art buyer. I began as a graphic designer and illustrator, then had the opportunity to establish and develop the role of art buyer at the company I represented. I held the position for five years. At the […]

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Raster vs vector? Photoshop vs illustrator? Photoshop vs Procreate? What’s the difference between all of them? Is one better suited for surface design than the others? Maybe you’ve struggled to learn one or both programs because you were told you had to. Or maybe you were told the myth that you have to use Adobe […]

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a left-handed, left-brained surface designer & educator

Hiya, I’m Shannon McNab

But I’m also a total numbers nerd who thrived by creating streamlined systems for myself that ultimately led me to collaborations with brands like Cloud9 Fabrics & Pyrex. Now, I teach these methods to other surface designers so that they don’t have to slowly figure it out on their own (like I had to).

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