My Surface Design Journey

Thank you for joining me for this audio series! I just really wanted you get to know me on a little bit of a deeper level, hearing my entire journey as a self-employed artist.

I opted for an audio recording because I find the medium more personal and intimate, just like if we were chatting over coffee at a nearby cafe. I hope you enjoy it!

Episode 1: My Journey to Self-Employment

In this first episode, I walk you through my journey from just a kid who dreams of being an artist to finally being self-employed. A few highlights you’ll hear me talk about:

  • Learning how to create my first repeat pattern in a screenprinting class in college
  • Struggling to find full-time work after college and starting a pattern-related side gig
  • The realities of being a graphic designer at Pottery Barn
  • How I left the corporate world behind in 2013 to become self-employed
  • My love of scrapbooking and how it led me to become a full-time surface designer
  • Why it took me 9 years to pursue patterns as a career
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Episode 2: My Surface Design Career

In my second episode, I’m focusing on my time as a surface design, from newbie to veteran. A few highlights you’ll hear me talk about:

  • Debuting my portfolio at my first trade show – Surtex in 2017
  • How I adjusted my marketing in 2018 after all my Surtex leads dried up
  • The reason I gave myself an ultimatum of earning at least $75k from my biz by 2020
  • My pivot to teaching in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic
  • Moving to Ireland in 2021 as a direct result of my growing business
  • How our art businesses tend to evolve over time and why that’s ok
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Episode 3: Why I Created SDR

In this last episode, I share the reasons behind WHY I started Sketch Design Repeat. A few highlights you’ll hear me talk about:

  • My passion for teaching started long before I found surface design
  • Struggling with a lack of info about exhibiting at Surtex & how it led me to teaching
  • How my surface design mentor made me realize I could teach the way I wanted to teach
  • My love/hate relationship with Skillshare and why I quit offering classes there
  • Following my heart to create biz-focused classes which led to me starting SDR
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