Portfolio Advice You Don’t Actually Have to Follow

Get motivated and unstuck!

In this FREE mini-class, we’ll tackle 3 of the most common portfolio myths, why they’re affecting you and your portfolio, and how to overcome them... in just 10 MINUTES.

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Are you feeling stuck?

While most is well-intentioned, many of the things you’re told you “should be” doing, can leave you feeling frustrated and might even make you waste months (or years) on things that won’t help you ever get past the portfolio creation stage.

That's why I created this FREE mini-class for you!

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Licensing your artwork can be incredibly rewarding, but even the first step – creating art for your portfolio – can feel overwhelming. You want your art to be perfect before you pitch it, but you’re also not sure if or when that moment will actually arrive. But it's not your fault.

The REAL villain is all the bad portfolio advice you hear.

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Designers are LOVING this mini-class

Designers are LOVING this mini-class

I've been at a standstill after publishing my portfolio. After watching this I'm going to start pitching now instead of waiting around to create more work.

"Best 10 minutes I've spent in a long time!"

- Shayna Sell

Thank you so much! I was definitely overwhelmed by the advice out there about portfolios before even beginning to contact companies.

"This is a highly refreshing and motivating take on portfolio work."

- Beate Allerton

The content was fantastic, especially given that this is a mini-course. She put my mind at ease with regard to my work and what I *really* need in my portfolio.

"This was my first course with Shannon and it won't be my last."

- Aileen Proum

This is a great class that will probably help those who, like me, tend to get inside our own heads a bit when it comes to portfolio building!

"Very reassuring that there's more than one way to build a portfolio."

- Megan Littlewood

This class pulls you back from the weeds to what's really important if you want to move forward in a way that is also true to who you are.

"Do yourself a favor and give it a look."

- Annette Jensen

I'm SO excited you're here!


So many artists have what it takes to be successful. But they struggle to see the growth they desire because they get stuck on all the little things that don't really matter. And sadly what happens is many give up on their dreams too early, believing their art just wasn't good enough.

My aim is to break that cycle for as many artists as possible – including you!

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