Surface Designer Spotlight: Lucía Sanguinetti-Jonescheit

I’m very proud to introduce our spotlight designer for March, Lucía Sanguinetti-Jonescheit. As someone who played with Pantone color books and fabric swatches as a kid, it’s no wonder she ended up in surface design. And I know you’ll enjoy her interview!

Surface designer Lucía Sanguinetti-Jonescheit
Please Introduce Yourself

I was born and raised in Argentina but now I live in northern Germany with my husband, my sons and two cats. I started my Fashion Design degree at the University of Buenos Aires and finished it with an exchange program at the University of Applied Science in Berlin, after emigrating from Argentina to Germany. Shortly after that, I began working at a Fashion Design Agency in Hamburg, where I was able to engage with many different niches and clients and their particular needs.

Surface design by Lucía Sanguinetti-Jonescheit
Tell us a little bit about your design journey.

As I child, I grew up among Pantone catalogues and fabric swatches, which were brought home by my dad. He worked in the textile industry since I can recall, in the printing department. I loved visiting him at work and walking through those giants buckets with thousands of colors while covering my ears from the noise of the printing machines.

Meanwhile, my mom was always creating something: our clothes, decorations for our bedrooms. I loved to play with the paint she used to stamp flowers into cushions or dress my dolls with the little clothes she had sewn for them. So, it was no surprise, I guess, that I too ended up loving colors, patterns, sewing, DESIGNING, creating something to bring joy to others. I tell the whole story in a blog post.

Surface design by Lucía Sanguinetti-Jonescheit
What did you struggle with most as a new designer?

My biggest challenge was not knowing where to begin, not believing that I had something new or special to show. My biggest struggle right now is overcoming my fear of rejection. It’s getting better and I reached many possible clients in the last few months, but it’s still a struggle.

Surface design by Lucía Sanguinetti-Jonescheit

What has been your favorite client collaboration to date and how did you find them?

I signed a licensing contract this year with Dandelion Fabric & Co and the launch will be this fall (it was planned for spring but then Covid-19 came). The collection is called Fall in Love with Fall.

Surface design by Lucía Sanguinetti-Jonescheit
When you look back at your design journey so far, what are you most proud of?

I’m proud of the progress I made in the last year, especially when I compare my first collections and my latest.

Where do you see yourself in your career three years from now?

I’m hopefully running a thriving business, a mix of freelancing, licensing, and soon maybe teaching/coaching.

What advice would you give to surface designers who are struggling?

Many of us struggle with overwhelm, so…

Get clarity, make a plan & show up.
Where can we find you?

Instagram: @deinki_com
Spoonflower: deinki

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